DeskArtes 3Data Expert software for Additive Manufacturing

3Data Expert Support

Known problems and solutions

If you run into a problem which looks like a program error, you can see the Known problems and solutions. Possibly the same error has been reported before and there is already a solution available.

Known problems and solutions for 3Data Expert.

Network license problems

The network license feature for 3Data Expert has been implemented using the Reprise RLM license system from Reprise Software Inc. Answers to technical questions related to Reprise RLM are best found at their support site.

Reprise RLM support site for license admins is found here.

Supported hardware/OS configurations

To find out if your machine hardware and operating system configuration is suitable for running 3Data Expert software, you can check the Supported hardware/OS information for 3Data Expert.

Supported hardware/OS configurations for 3Data Expert.

Reference hardware/OS platforms

If you are planning to purchase a new machine for running DeskArtes 3Data Expert, you can check the Reference hardware/OS platforms to see what features are required for smooth operation of the software.

Reference hardware/OS platforms for 3Data Expert.