DeskArtes Support

On-line support resources

If you have problems with DeskArtes software, you can first try to find a solution in our various on-line support resources.

YouTube channel

You can start to learn about DeskArtes Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing software repair and editing tools via our YouTube channel.
DeskArtes YouTube channel


For getting started using the DeskArtes programs and learning to use them effectively, please check the DeskArtes tutorials.

Known problems and solutions

If you run into a problem which looks like a program error, you can see the Known problems and solutions. Possibly the same error has been reported before and there is already a solution available. There are separate Known problems and solutions sections for Expert Series and IDS.

Supported hardware/OS configurations

To find out if your machine hardware and operating system configuration is suitable for running the DeskArtes software, you can check the Supported hardware/OS information for the program you want to run. There are separate Supported hardware/OS configuration sections for Expert Series and IDS.

Contact us

If you don't find any solution to your problem in the on-line support resources, inform us about it using the problem report form or by sending e-mail.

Problem report form

Send us a report using the problem report form.


Send us e-mail to the following address.


To get support by e-mail, you should normally have a valid maintenace for your DeskArtes software.