DeskArtes Software is used worldwide by the following leading companies

Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing
3D Systems logo 3D Systems: 3D Printers. USA
Mcor Technologies logo Mcor Technologies: 3D Printers. Ireland
Grow logo Grow software Ltd: Additive manufacturing services. United Kingdom
Unirapid logo Unirapid: RP services. Japan
Josef Hofmann logo Josef Hofmann Modellbau: RP and Model services. Germany
RapidPrototyping.NL logo RapidPrototyping.NL: RP services. Netherlands
Prototal logo Prototal AB: RP services. Sweden
Nuhill logo Nuhill Technologies Inc.: RP services. USA
rpt.logo RPT Rapid Prototyping Technologie GmbH: RP services. Germany
MGG Group logo MGG Group B.V.: RP and Tooling services. Netherlands
Kegelmann Technik logo Kegelmann Technik GmbH: Tooling. Germany
Kiefer logo Kiefer GmbH: Tooling. Germany
Daimler logo Daimler AG: Automotive. Germany
Skoda Auto logo Skoda Auto: Automotive. Czech republic
Valmet Automotive logo Valmet Automotive: Automotive. Finland
Metzeler logo Metzeler: Automotive parts. Germany
The Hothouse logo The Hothouse: Design services. UK
Katana Design logo Katana-Design: Design. Germany
Mecad Oy logo Mecad Oy: Design. Finland
Tonfisk logo Tonfisk Design Ltd.: Design. Finland
Marcel Jaasma logo Marcel Jaasma: Jewellery, Design. Netherlands
Kalevala Koru logo Kalevala Koru: Jewellery. Finland
Juwelier Dieterle logo Juwelier Dieterle: Jewellery. Germany
Galeria Meko logo Galeria Meko: Jewellery. Spain
Ferrante Gioielliere logo Ferrante Gioielliere: Jewellery. Italy
Ceramics & Glassware
Jeroen Bechtold logo Jeroen Bechtold: Ceramics, Design. Netherlands
Rosenthal logo Rosenthal AG: Tableware. Germany
Iiittala logo Iittala Group: Ceramics. Finland
ARC logo ARC International: Glassware. France
Gorenje logo Gorenje Group: Household Appliances. Slovenia
Kärcher logo Alfred Kärcher Vertriebs GmbH: Cleaning Equipment. Germany
Metso logo Metso: Paper machine clothing. Finland
Foxconn Oy logo Foxconn Oy: Plastics. Finland
Aalto University logo Aalto University, Finland
Joensuu Science Park's logo Joensuu Science Park Ltd. Finland