Import Translator

Reliable data transfer for 3D Color Printing and AM

Native and standard 3D CAD import formats for Expert Series programs

The additional import formats allow you to convert different standard and proprietary 3D CAD surface models efficiently and accurately to STL, VRML and ZPR files. Current Import Translator converters include STEP, IGES, Catia 4/5/6, NX Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, Creo/ProE, Parasolid, JT and Catia CGR file formats. Import Translators allows to convert 3D CAD filesfor 3D Color Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Simulation applications with ease.

With Import Translators any 3D surface geometry generated with well known CAD systems can be input into Expert Series using either their proprietary file formats or standard STEP file format. With Import Translators the models can be input and directly converted into triangulated data for 3D Color Printing or AM. Surface conversion accuracy for the model input is easily set using well defined and user friendly tolerance settings during the file input. Also, optimal triangle shape for different simulation applications can be set when using Import Translators.

The surface to faceted conversion does not require a license to the sending CAD system, like Catia or ProE. DeskArtes converter will work independently and offer a single simple user interface for surface model triangulation from any CAD system. You will not need a license nor training to complex CAD systems and still produce accurate 3D Printing models easily!

The triangulation will automatically join surfaces at edges to produce a solid, watertight triangulation for 3D Printing. After the triangulation the automatic repair commands are used to orient the normals and to repair any errors still remaining in the model. The surface input -> surface triangulation -> STL repair implemented in the 3Data Expert will ensure the best possible result for transferring 3D CAD surface models to 3D Printing.

Additionally, models can be input into Expert Series internal surface model format for surface manipulation and later triangulation within 3Data Expert, Sim Expert or View Expert software. The triangulation interface allows the user to define the required accuracy with a single tolerance value. This method is well suited for AM but not for 3D Color Printing. Adaptive triangulation will generate more triangles at the curved areas of the model and less triangles at the flat areas, ensuring maximal model accuracy with minimal number of triangles. This triangulation method is also used when inputting VDA or IGES files directly into Expert Series internal surface format.

Installation and license

In Expert Series version 10.3 or later the licenses for the Import Translator formats (STEP, Catia 4/5/6, NX Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, Creo/ProE, Parasolid JT and Catia CGR) are included in the program basic license system. So you do not need to install a separate license code for the Import Translator formats anymore, the normal license can include the licenses for the optional formats you need.

If you are running an older version of Expert Series programs (9 or earlier), then only IGES and VDA format converters are included in the basic 3Data Expert installation package. Other formats, Catia 5 or 4, ProE, STEP and UG , are installed with a separate Import Package available for download at DeskArtes download pages.

All surface input formats are optional tools for 3Data Expert and they can be purchased directly from DeskArtes or through authorized DeskArtes distributors. Please contact for more information.

DeskArtes offers a 15-day Evaluation License for Import Translator formats. An Evaluation license can be requested with the "Help->Licenses" command inside the Expert Series programs.