Changes in 3DEdit Pro latest version

Improvements and new features in 3DEdit Pro version 4.1.

There are several functional improvements with 3DEdit Pro 4.1:

  • Production Screenshot to create and Show a quick build documentation.
  • Generate Report for detailed and flexible AM production data reporting and quality control.
  • Refine Edges, Smooth, Reduce Color Scan and Reduce commands are returned as optional Smoothing module to the software pakcage.
  • 3D Text addition to multiple components at once with indexing and labelling. Also, improved interactive text positioning and adaptation on curved surfaces.
  • Connect Tool to create supporting rods for delicate parts.
  • Inputting and outputting several STL files at once improved and made quicker without intermediate Fix Model requests during input.
  • New 3MF format input/output with colors and textures.