November 13th, 2018: Press Release:

DeskArtes 3Data Expert version 11.1 – AM support generation and efficient component packing

Helsinki, FINLAND, November 13th, 2018 - DeskArtes has released Expert Series 11.1, a software solution for 3D Color Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Simulation data preparation.

DeskArtes Expert Series 11.1 offers advanced support generation functions for metal, DLP and stereolithography based AM systems. Automatic and manual support generation tools enable the support generation and manufacturing of most complex components reliably and with optimal material usage.

During the year 2018 DeskArtes has participated in EU EIT Digital project to develop an efficient tool for car component packing and picking at an assembly line. The new 3D Locator command increases the packing density of components up to 30% for transportation as well as reliable and quick picking of the components with AGVs and robots at an assembly line.

Expert Series 11.1 includes View Expert, Dimensions Expert, 3Data Expert Lite, Sim Expert and 3Data Expert modules with an increasing selection of effective and robust commands for 3D model preparation.

3Data Expert is DeskArtes’ flagship solution for manufacturing engineers to efficiently create and manipulate faceted models. 3Data Expert is a professional tool for preparing 3D models for Additive Manufacturing and Simulation applications. There are several commands for manipulation of both 3D surface models and 3D faceted models. These commands include surface triangulation, STL verification and repair, STL offsetting, splitting, connecting, decimation, smoothing, shrink wrap, 3D nesting, Boolean, support generation as well as model painting and texturing.

Dimensions Expert and 3Data Expert Lite modules include the most frequently needed tools for everyday data processing, like 3D model splitting, connecting and 3D Text tagging for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. The splitting functionality with automatic teeth, connector and clearance generation between the split halves enables efficient STL model preparation for 3D Printers with smaller work space.

DeskArtes Sim Expert 3D geometry processing solution is targeted to users of Simulation software products. With the new standard and native CAD input and triangulation functions, an optimal triangulation for metal and plastic moulding simulation applications can be generated even more easily than before.

View Expert is a no cost solution for CAD/CAM professionals and hobbyists to check and repair 3D models for error free production with 3D Printing systems. View Expert, enhanced with optional input formats, offers DeskArtes 3D Color Printing customers an efficient tool for converting any CAD model or assembly with colors for 3D Color Printing.

“DeskArtes 3Data Expert version 11.1 with new support generation tools open a new market for DeskArtes software tools within AM industry”, notes Mr. Ismo Mäkelä, CEO of DeskArtes. “DeskArtes is already partnering with several AM system vendors to offer their customers an easy to use and effective support generation tools for end user part manufacturing”.

Privately owned, DeskArtes Oy develops and commercializes world-class software products for engineers, model makers, marketing and others involved in new product development. Customers and distributors include major companies in 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Simulation around the world. The company is based in Helsinki, Finland, selling its products through Internet and authorized resellers.

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